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 Software system architects, developers, and integratorsMonday, July 22, 2024 

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    ~ Platform – Microsoft .NET
    ~ Web Services / XML / SOA
    ~ Business Process Middleware
    ~ Portals and Content Management
    ~ Databases and Data Services
    ~ Legacy Systems Integration
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We select technologies and products to use based on the best possible customer value. Rule #1 is that your existing systems frequently provide the best value because they are already working in your organization. We’ll make use of what you have and extend its value.

When new software is needed, either via custom development or off-the-shelf products, we specialize in Microsoft’s product lines and platforms. Although we occasionally provide open-source or other commercial products, we find that Microsoft frequently offers the most cost-effective solutions.

Whether you have standardized on Microsoft products or are just open to cost-effective solutions in your heterogeneous environment, we can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Microsoft .NET is our platform of choice for new development, but we will integrate with other platforms, such as J2EE, as well. .NET offers many advantages for our customers.
XML can ease system integration, standardize industry data, and add flexibility to your IT assets. We implement web services, create service oriented architectures, and develop XML-based composite applications.

Microsoft’s BizTalk Server provides support for Business Process Automation, whether human workflows, B2B communications, or execution of business rules against disparate data sources.
Portals need to be secure, easy to use, and maintainable. We use third-party frameworks and tools including Microsoft SharePoint and Content Management Servers.

We use Microsoft SQL Server and it's OLAP, Reporting, and Notification Services to deliver cost-effective data solutions. We can also integrate systems with existing data sources and analysis tools.
Legacy Systems and Enterprise Systems Integration are frequently a key part of our projects. We use a variety of products to help you unlock the value in these systems.