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 Software system architects, developers, and integratorsMonday, July 22, 2024 

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By Technology: Databases and Data Services

The majority of our custom applications are built on Microsoft SQL Server, so we know it inside and out. SQL Server is a high performance, cost-effective database that offers many capabilities not found in other RDBMS systems, including:
  • XML capabilities: Import, store, manipulate, and export XML data
  • Reporting Services: Enable users to subscribe to customized reports that will be sent to them via email
  • OLAP Services: Organize your transactional data for analysis using Microsoft Excel and other tools
  • Notification Services: Allow users to configure alerts that will notify them according to rules that they create
We provide the following services for SQL Server:
  • Application design and implementation
  • Configuration and use of SQL features
  • Architectural reviews including best practices for security, performance, flexibility, and maintainability
  • Schema design reviews
  • Performance Tuning
We also integrate applications and services with existing Oracle, DB2, and MySQL databases.

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