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 Software system architects, developers, and integratorsMonday, July 22, 2024 

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By Business Solution: IT Strategy and Architecture

2005 is a challenging time to be a CIO. There are still lingering effects of the internet boom and subsequent “tech wreck” that make your executive team skeptical about investing in IT. On the other hand, you face unprecedented demands to deliver information accurately and quickly throughout the organization and to support agile business processes.

How do you reconcile tight IT budgets with the demands of Sarbanes-Oxley? The need to get system A to talk to system B? Business Units clamoring for real-time supply chain support?

The answer is that you have to be more efficient. We can help you do this by:
  • Designing and implementing an architecture for your systems that enables cost-effective creation of new IT services
  • Unlocking the value of your legacy and enterprise systems by making their data and processes accessible.
  • Migrating data and business processes to lower cost platforms and integrating them with efficient development and end-user tools
  • Making greater use of off-the shelf products where they are a good match and getting the most from the products that you already own.
  • Developing applications that are specifically tailored for your business processes when general-purpose systems aren’t appropriate.
  • Automating business processes to increase their efficiency and transparency
Your company’s value chain is only as strong as its weakest link and only as flexible as its most intractable piece of software. Invest in architecture to gain strength and flexibility in your IT systems.

FYI, new architecture isn’t an all or nothing proposition; we can help you to superimpose new architecture on your existing systems (see SOA, Service Oriented Architecture) or to develop an incremental migration plan with usable interim deliverables.

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