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 Software system architects, developers, and integratorsMonday, July 22, 2024 

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By Business Solution: Get More From Your Data

The demand for data increases as people with a use for it are given access. It’s a vicious cycle for your IT department, but it’s a cycle upwards, one of ever-increasing value to the organization.

We can make your data and business processes accessible from any of your sources and then take advantage of it. You can make data available in portals for viewing or changing, allow users to start or monitor business processes, or incorporate either into off-the-shelf products including office productivity and analysis applications.

Recently, we’ve been implementing systems where the data itself drives the process proactively. We can enable automatic, subscription-based, customized reports, delivered fresh as the data is ready. Perhaps even more valuable than this is exception-driven notifications and reports. Want to know when sales in a given region are +/- 10% from what is expected?

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