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 Software system architects, developers, and integratorsMonday, July 22, 2024 

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Methodology & Documentation “Rightsizing”
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About Us: Methodology & Documentation “Rightsizing”

Process is important, and when you are evaluating solution partners, it should be a part of your due diligence. That said, many companies in our industry offer “one size fits all” processes that are just not appropriate for every project. Perhaps there are as many who are experts at delivering paper, but can’t deliver working systems.

Customers are different; problems have differing scopes and complexities. The wrong process applied to your project can easily make it take longer and cost more, whether that’s a rigorous process applied to a small project or a lax process applied to a large one.

Our developers and project managers average over 15 years of product development experience; most of it creating packaged software products that have to work right when shipped. We’ve worked with many methodologies; some good, some bad. Our solution? We work with you to determine the right process, deliverables, and documentation for your project. We’ll provide options, discuss relative merits, recommend an approach, and then do what you want us to do for your project, as long as we are sure that it will result in success.

Regardless of methodology, we always make use of design patterns. Many problems in software development are similar, and design patterns incorporate best practice solutions for these problems.

Methodology and Documentation are never more important than during the requirements definition phase of a project. Our commitment is to drill down to the level of detail necessary to provide accurate estimates for time and cost and to minimize rework. We do this through a process of iteratively developed requirements documents.

Concerned that you don’t know exactly what you need? It’s a rare occasion when a customer has put in enough rigorous thought to thoroughly describe a project. We feel that our highest value comes from working with you to determine the requirements for a successful deployment.